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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What documents to take to temporary job agency

A clear make mistake made by thousand of people is that they walk into temporary job agency without any documents. Without the right documents you are just making it harder for yourself to find work. The right documents will speed up the process of you getting a job. So here is a list documents you should take to a temporary job agency.

What document to take to temporary job agency list

CV or Resume
Its really important to take your CV or Resume to a temporary job Agency. The first thing you will have to do when you go into a temporary job agency is join with them. They will provide you with forms to fill in. 90% of the information that is need on the form is on your CV. If you take it with you, you can easy copy the information down rather than write it from memory. If some cant see you because they are busy then you can hand in your CV and they can contact you when they are free.

Proof of Address
If you are someone they are looking for, they will need a document or letter with your name and address. Any bank statement or utility bill would do. If you don't take one with you, you may need to pop in a second time and hand it in.

A very important thing to take with you is your passport. Temporary job agency only takes candidate that have the right to work in the country. By taking your passport you are providing the information that they require and showing them your are the right candidate for the job. They temporary job agency will only take a photo copy of the passport and return passport back to you.

Driving licence
If the post the temporary job agency has offered requires someone to drive, they will need a copy of your driving licence. This document will be forwarded to the company that is recruiting.

Two passport size photos
Not all temporary job agency require this but some do. These passport size photos will be forward to the company to make visiting pass cards.

National insurance card
Temporary job agency just want a copy of this card to make sure you are eligible to work.

I hope this blog on what document to take to temporary job agency has been helpful. Have look at my other blogs on how what are the benefit of using agency and how to get a job.


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