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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

what are the benefits of using temporary job agency

There are numerous benefits of using a temporary job agency. When times are hard and work is scarce. The best place to turn to work is a temporary job agency. Companies are look for people to work for them on a temporary or full time bases and they approach temporary job agency. Some companies are small and don't have the time or resource to start an interview process. That's why they out source the job to temporary job agency. Temporary job agency conduct the research for them and put forward a select group of people for a job. Those people will be either be hired straight away for go through a second interview process. So what are the benefits of using a temporary job agency?

Benefits of using a temporary job agency?

Direct contact with the company
Temporary job agency have direct contact with companies looking for staff. The agency can help speed the process of you going back into work. If you have tried to find a job on your own, it could take between two and twelve months to find one. But on the other hand, if you went to temporary job agency they may be able to get you back into work before the end of the month.

Getting a job
It much easier to get a job through a temporary job agency than if you just applied for the job yourself. Temporary job agency have build up a reputation of picking the right candidates for the right job. The candidates they put forward is highly rated. In the past, I have applied for single post with a company numerous of time. I never got a reply from them. The same post I applied through temporary job agency and I received an interview with the company in a few weeks.

All the Work
Temporary job agency will take all the stress and do all the work. They will run around and make the phone calls for you. They will chase up and fix interview dates with the company. They will call you to see if it suits you. They will provide you interview preparation tips. They provide you with will sample interview questions. They will keep contacting the company to find out the status of your interview process. Temporary job agency will only get paid by the company when they have successfully submitted a candidate to them and they have started work.The process of all this is Free for you.

Gaps in CV
If you are currently unemployed then its best to use a temporary job agency. They will be able to find you a job much quicker. This will prevent any long gaps in your resume. Gaps in resume are quite damaging and futures recruits will take notice of things like that when they are short listing. The job you are offered from the temporary job agency may not be be in lined with your career. But not something to worry about. This will give you the chance to explore another job role and learn a new skill. The job is temporary and you can still apply for other jobs when you are employed. Some temporary job convert to a full time permanent job.

I hope this blog on what are the benefits of temporary job agency was useful. Look at my other for help on writing CV and preparing for interviews.

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