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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Top Tips on Poker

Millions of people player Texas Holdem poker online but only 10% of them know the top tips on poker. There are making the biggest gains by playing the game smartly. It’s not all about the card. To win a game it 30% about the card and 70% on how you play it right. Some people don’t have any good cards and Bluff they way to a win. Here are the tips on poker and how to become a millionaire. Never ask anybody for chips anymore. Have all the chip and all the power. I started off with $20,000 and it’s only my second day and i have made $250,000 in just two days.

Top Tips on Poker Guide

Top Tips on Poker # 1 - Call

Only call just to see your community card. If you have a strong had then only continue. If you have no good cards, keep checking until you someone raises the price. 

Top Tips on Poker # 2 - Don’t play all the hands

It a game of luck. The cards are shuffle and you won’t get a winning pair all the time. I only play 20% of my games. I only pay up till I can see the three community cards. If they are good, I continue to play or check if the other players let me.

Top Tips on Poker # 3 - Maximise your wins

If you do have a strong hand at the begin like double ace.  Bet low amounts. I know this sound silly when you should bettering more. Lets say for example, you have strong a hand and so does three other people on that table. You only have $10,000. You Call all in after your first two starter cards. Nine people are on the table but only three Call in with you. You win the pot after fifth community cards is shown and you make $30000. Great you have made some money. But is really your best win of this round. Lets say for example, you didn’t Call all in at when you saw your two starter cards. You let other members continue to play. Other members may think they have a better hand or waiting for their cards to appear. Let say 9 people are playing on this table. You only called in £200 in all the rounds and all in the final round. This is what it will look like
Round one – 2 card starting
9 members x $200 = $1,800
Round two - 3 Community cards – only five people remain on the table
5 members x $200 = £1,000
Round three – 4 community cards – five people remaining
5 members x $200 = £1,000
Round four  (final round) – 5 community cards – you play all in (you only have $9,700 left)
3 members x $9,700  = £29,100.
Total amount won = £32800
This means in that round, if you played it smart, you would of made an addition £2800.  By playing smart you actually make more money.  If you have good cards, just let the other people take control. I once played a hand with another member. He had good cards but not as well as mine. He always raised the price and I pretended to be nervously and just followed and just called all the way. He tagged on other members to play. He continued to keep raising the stake no matter what I did. I didn’t let him know I had good cards. I would always check at the start and take my time if I need to call. I wouldn’t raise the price. He thought he had the best cards. In the end he called all in and so did I. he ended give me almost all his chips.

Top Tips on Poker # 4 - Low money

If you have been playing poker and you are low on money, play on other tables that have small pot. This will help you to get your confidence back and if you are going through a bad streak, at least you will lose only $40 compare to $5,000 or $10,000.

Top Tips on Poker # 5 - Stand up

If you have played a few hands and have lost 75% of your starting valve then click the Stand up and Sit button. These actions will automatic start you at the table minimum price. By doing this you have a better chance of gaining more money. For instance, you started with $20,000 and after several games you have only $6,000 and you have a strong set of cards. You played all in and you won back double your money. You won’t be able to win any more unless other members have are playing. If on the on other hand you click the Stand up and Sit button. You would start off with the minimum table requirement price of $20,000. If you will get the same cards and you went all in then, then you will double your money to $40,000. In order for you to $40,000 form $6,000, you would have to win a minimum 7 games (7 x $6,000 = $42,000). 

Top Tips on Poker # 6 - Leave the table

one the biggest mistake made by poker player is that they don’t protect their earnings. One of my best top tips on poker is “Leave the table”. I have seen many players start off with $20,000 and play really well and go up to $60,000 or $100,000. But after an hour with several risky hands they end up below or near the $20,000 again. What I do and it is very successful, I join a table and play till I have double my money. Then I play my last game and click To Lobby. If you stand up and sit back down then you will sit at the same table with the same amount. By clicking To Lobby the money you have won is safely in your bank. Pick another table and join in. You will notice you have joined the table with $20,000 and not $60,000. That $40,000 is now saved that can be used another time or another day.
I hope these tips on poker has helped you understand the game better and showed you a play to. Go and make your poker money let me know how you did. Have other blogs to help you improve on your poker game.

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