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Monday, 23 May 2011

Panel interview tips

Panel interview tips Guide

A panel interview is a group of two or more people interviewing a single or group of candidate at one time. A panel mainly consist of top level of people from different position within the company. A panel interview is a lot more tougher to win over than a single interviewer. All the members on the panel will be marking you and scoring you out of ten on the same criterias. Once the interview is over they will have big discuss on all the candidates and they will put forward the marks. The members on the panel will finally vote on which are the best candidates and who should get the job and at which location. This is guide here to provide panel interviews tips.

Panel interviewing tips

Panel interview tips # 1 - Smile
Remember to smile. It hard to forget to do this simple thing because you are nervous and anxitous. If you smile the likely hood is that the judges on the panel will smile back. Make eye contact with everyone. Its game of power. Who is more powerful in that room? You may not be feeling so powerful but by telling yourself the opisite really helps. If you go into an interview saying “I'm nervous, im scare and im gonna mess things up” then your like to be nervous, scare at the interview and your likely to mess things up. But on the other hand if your nervouse and scare but you keep saying to your self. “im not scare, I never get nervouse at interview and interviews are easy. Then you will be surprise at the out come. You will be little less nervous and little less scared. This could be enough, to give you an upper hand over the other candidates that are also scared and nervouse

Panel interview tips # 2 - Breath
Control you breath. Consistantly keep breathing. It an important fact to remember. The body and mind needs air to function and stablise. A decrease in the amount of air intake will make you more nerouse. A key strategy I use when Im asked a question by a panel, is to slow my conversation rate. It is important to note that if you can keep you voice and heart calm for the first seven second of the interview you will be fine for the remainder part. So for the first seven seconds I talk a little slow. Once I have send a few sentences, my heart and mind calm down and gain more confident and then I talk in a normal rate.

Panel interview tips # 3 - Toilet breaks
When your nervous you feel like you have drank seven cups of coffee. You may have even drunk a lot of water. So take regular toilet break when ever possible.

Panel interview tips # 4 - Drink water
An important thing to do and I see a lot people not doing is drinking water. By drinking water you keep the body calm. A good method to try in an interview is when you are being asked a question by an interviewer and they are about to finisih, you should take a sip of water. This will give you about 3 second extra to congure up a good answer. It may not seem much but trust me it is a big help.

Panel interview tips # 5 - Day dream
A brilliant way to calm your nervous down is to day dream. Day dream of a happy moment with familiar faces sorounding you. This small dream will automatic lower your fast beating heart.

I hope these panel interviewing tips have been useful. Please look at my other blogs on how to succeed interviews and how to send thank you notes.

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