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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Interview thank you letters template


Interview thank you letters template guide

So you just had an interview and you know you have got the job. You realised the position was
yours with the looks the recruit kept giving you and the film hand shake he gave you. So you got the job. All you have to do how is wait for them to contact you. Even though you think you have got the job or you have got the job, don’t forget to thank the recruits. Believe me it can make or break your chance of getting a job. Recruits appreciate feedback and recognition for the work they have job. This will put you as good candidate in there books. Here is how to write a letter after the interview example.

How to write a letter after the interview example

Steve May
123 Fake Street
B23 8QL
Date: 26th May 2011
Simon Flint
First choice
17 Ladypool road
Bd18 3QL

Dear Simon

Thank for the time and effort you took on interviewing me today for the retail assistant position at First choice. This job seems to be an ideal match for me and my skills and interests. Seeing your company portfolio and meeting with other members confirm my desire to work with your company.

As well as bring top levels of customer service , I will also bring good team membership skills, excellent computer skills and strong selling skills.

Thank you once again for the time you took to setting up and conducted the interview. I am very interested in working for a company like First Choice and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

I hope this blog on how to write a interview thank you letters template has been helpful. I have provide you with 10 example at the bottom. Have look my other examples on how to write email thank you note after interview.

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