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Monday, 23 May 2011

How to write a job interview thank you note

Job interview thank you notes are a great way to secure a job after an interview. By sending out a job interview thank you note you are showing recruiters that you are keen. You also increase the chance of tgetting the recruiter to take a second look at you resume or application form. But what should go in job interview thank you note.

How to write a job interview thank you note guide

Personal Details

Detail add your name and address so that recruiters know who is sending the thank you note.

Paragragh one

Start off by thanking the interviewer and his team for the trouble they have take to make the interview possible.

Paragragh two

In two or three line just summaries your key skills that match this job. Why are better than any of the other candidates they have had.

Paragraph three

Finish off by rethanking the interviewer and saying what a pleasure it was to meet him and see the company.

Job interview thank you note is a cheap and easy way to thank the recruiters. Thank you notes can easily be purchase online or you can simply make it yourself.

I hope this blog on how to write a job interview thank you note has been helpful. Have a look at my other blogs on how to improve you chances of getting a job.

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