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Thursday, 5 May 2011

How to work and play poker at the same time

I have notice that when people start to play a game that is the only thing they do. They sit in front of their laptop or computer and stare at the same screen for hours. All those hours wasted. If your playing then it isnt wasted time. Im talking about when you have folded and then you continue to stare at your screen. What you can do is multi task. By multi tasking you can enjoy yourself and also get work complete.
1.       Split screen - What I tend to do is split my screens, so that I have my game on one side and on the other, I write my blogs or surf the net. Not only am I having fun but I also getting my work done. If I don’t have a good hand. I fold and then continue on with my work and only look back when the game is over and they have dealt out the new cards. What people do is that, they fold and then just sit there. Watching what other people have got. In an average game two hour game I only play forty-five minutes and the remainder times I carry doing other things.

2.       Watch TV – You can also watch TV while you play. If you have bad had hand then turn on the TV. When it your time to call, Texas poker will make a “ding, ding” sound. Only then just come back to the game.

3.       Read a book – all that time wasted. You can better use your time and read a book. I know they are a lot people who don’t like reading novels. But you don’t have to a read novel. Read books on how to play poker and improve your game.
4.       Call a friend – kill two birds with one stone and make a call. You may have a friend you want to talk. Call them and also play your game at the same time. This will save you a lot of time.

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