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Thursday, 5 May 2011

How to be a Poker Millionaire

Millions of people are hooked onto online Texas Poker. It’s easy to play and you can join without even registering as long as you a Facebook account. But out all that million people there are only 15% – 20% are really Texas Poker millionaire. To be a Millionaire it not all about the cards but it's really how you play the game. If you play the game right then you can be Millionaire really quickly.

How to make Money on poker?
Winning Goals – What are your winning goals? Everyone must have goals or else it doesn’t matter how much you win and lose. Goals give your game purpose and make it more exciting.  Make sure you goals are realistic and achievable. Your goal might be to be millionaire by twelve weeks. Set yourself weekly and monthly targets, so that you can make sure you are on tack.
Starting Valve - $50,000

By setting yourself target you will know how close you are to reaching goal. It’s a lot bet then predict that you will be Texas millionaire at the end of month.
Winning targets – What are your winning targets per game. I normally play a game and when i have double my money and then I Leave Lobby. By doing this I secure my money and then join another table. I have seen may players start off with $20,000 and work they way they up to $100,000 and then an hour late they are back to their starting amount. If they secured their money at £80,000 or even $100,000, they would easily be millionaires after several more games
Losing targets - What are your losing targets per game? I know it sound funny because you came into the game to make a win. But you must have losing targets to know when you have been beat. When I’m playing a game and I have lost about seventy-percent of my starting value. I leave the game. It may not be me. It could be a tough table with risky players or it might be I’m having a bad run.
Top starting cards – know what you top two cards are. Look at my other blog for help on that. By knowing the chances of winning in poker it will dramatically improve you game play. Have will more confident bets and you will make money like a pro.
Knowledge is power – There many websites offering tips and tricks on how to win poker. These  articles are design by poker champion so they advice is very useful. By reading them you may learn something new. You can never know too much about poker.

i hope this blog has been helpful to make money on poker.

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