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Sunday, 17 April 2011

What it is like to work as a debt collections adviser?

There are many people out there that think they can be a debt collections adviser. They have good telephone manner skills and are sure they can get the client to make a payment. But doing this once maybe easy but this every day, five days a week is quite tough. This article if for people who are thinking of becoming a debt collection adviser and its gives them an example of real life phone conversation.
Skills needed
1.       Confident – You must be confident enough to talk to clients over the phone and get them to either pay back the full amount or get them to set up an agreement. The telephone call you make will be stress for both parties.

2.       Good negation skills – You need to negotiation your way around difficult problems that customer might give you. For instance, what will you do if they don’t have the money to pay the company back?

3.       Call Targets per hour – You have to be clear and firm in phone calls. Your hourly target will be about 15 calls an hour. If you achieve these targets it will improve your chances of getting a bonus at the end of the month. This bonus will also be capped depending on what level debt collection advisor you are on.

4.       Stress – Making calls as a debt collection adviser is a stressful job. You will be make 15 calls per hour. In an eight hour shift that works out to 120 (15 calls x8 hours) calls. Can you make all those calls and also retrieve the money from each of these clients.

5.       Focused – You need to maintain focus throughout the whole day. The job is repetitive and boring and you need make sure each phone call retrieves money from the clients.

A real life debt collection adviser and client phone conversation.
Debt Collections Adviser = Hi, I’m calling from UK Debtor Collection. Please can I speak to Mr. Joe Hamilton?
Client = Speaking
Debt Collections Adviser = Hello Mr. Hamilton, For security reason, can you confirm for me your date of birth and post code please?
Client = 18th December 1979 and the post code is B32 2BS
Debt Collections Adviser = the reason for this call is that you have not paid your credit card charges as agreed. Your outstanding amount is £108.000 and since you haven’t paid this amount off. You have incurred a late fee of £25.00. Please can you inform me why you haven’t made this payment?
Client = I forget it was due at the end of the month.
Debt Collections Adviser = Can you make the payment now of £133.00
Client = I don’t have that kind of money.
Debt Collections Adviser = I will need you to pay least the charges of £25.00.
Client = I don’t have money to pay off this late fee.
Debt Collections Adviser = When will you have the money to make the payment?
Client = by the end of this month.
Debt Collections Adviser = sorry, we can wait that long. If you don’t clear the amount now you will be charged an addition £25.00 at the end of the month.
Client = But I don’t have £25.00 to pay you now.
Debt Collections Adviser = Can you not borrow the £25.00 off some one and when you get paid. Pay them back.
Client = Give me a minute, I will ask if my brother if he can make the payment. Yes, he said he will pay the charges.
Debt Collections Adviser = please can you give me his card detail. Thank you, the payment has gone through. In the future, please can you make sure you stick to the arrangement or else the charges will build up. What I can do is send out a direct debit form. This will prevent you from missing out on the repayments. I will have form posted first thing in the morning. Thank you for time. Goodbye
Can you do all this 120 times a day? If the answer is yes then the debt collection adviser role is for you. If you can’t then you need to find something you can do.

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