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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Water Savings Tips


Reduce your water consumption and reduce your water bill

An average water bill in the uk is about £40 a month. That's £480 a year. Do you really want to spend that much on your water Bill? Reduce your water wastage and help save the planet. Here are water savings tips. 

Water Saving Tips Guide

Water Savings Tips # 1- Toilet Flush

Toilet use about 30% of total water used in a household. The old style single flush toilets use up to 13 litre of water in one flush. Single flush toilet are toilet that have either a chain or hand has a flush. The water efficient dual flush uses only 6 litre for each flush. Dual flush has a push button on the top. If you have a single flush toilet then its best to change that to Duel Flush. Just by doing that you will save about £6 on your water bill every month. Another great tip to use to reduce the water wastage is by placing a two litre water bottle in the toilet water tank. Make sure the bottle is filled up of water. Every time you use the flush, the toilet tank will only refill with upto 4 litres of water instead of 6.

Water Savings Tips # 2 - Shower

Try to have more showers than baths. A typical bath use up to 80 litre of water. By taking regular showers instead will automatically make difference to your water bill. Also try to take a shower for only two minutes. The less time you spend in the shower the less water you will use.

Water Savings Tips # 3 - Brushing teeth

When you are brushing your teeth for two minutes in the morning and night, turn off the taps. Does it really need to be running when you are brushing your teeth?

Water Savings Tips # 4 - Shave

When shaving, use a sink plug or jug full of water.

Water Savings Tips # 5 -Check Pipes and taps

Make regular check that none of your water taps are dripping. If one of your taps drips one drop every second, then that would be an average water loss of 2,000 litres a month. 

Water Savings Tips # 6 - Bedside Water bottle

If you are some one like me who always takes a glass of water when going to bed, then buy a 500ml or even 750ml sports cap water bottle. Fill the bottle with water and keep it near you. The water inside the bottle will stay fresh and can be used for a few days. This is better than bring up a fresh glass of water every night.

Water Savings Tips # 7 - Recycle water

Reuse half drunken water and place it in a bucket or bottle. This water can be used when washing the car, washing clothes or even for refilling the Iron.

Water Savings Tips # 8 - Raintank

If you like gardening then install a raintank in the garden. You can purchase one that holds up to 80 litres. If you don't want to purchase a raintank then use a plastic bin or bucket. The rain will be collected into the bin and then use that first for watering plant, before turning on the tap.

I hope this water savings tips were helpful. Please look at my other blogs on tips to save money.

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