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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Tips for getting up early in the morning

How to get up in the morning for school or work

Have you always had problems when it comes to waking up in the morning? Are you always late for school, lecture or even work. Do you find it difficult to get out bed in the morning and waste many of your precious hours  a sleep? The answer to this solution is training. Train your mind when its time to Wake up. It sound funny, but in true fact it is really effective. You need to train your subconscious mind on how to wake up and what to do when your mind says no. This is step to step guide on how to train your subconscious mind and teach you how to get up in the morning for school or work

Tips on waking up on time

Tips for getting up early in the morning # 1 - Save time
Why should you wake up on time and how can it benefit you. If you over sleep just an hour over your wake up time. Thats an hour lost of your life a day. In seven days that seven hours. In a year it three hundred and sixty-five hours. What could you do if some one offered you back three hundred and sixty-five hours of your life. Think of the positional and how it will improve your life.

Tips for getting up early in the morning # 2 Room
You can train your mind any time of the day. Make sure your bedroom the same condition it is in early mornings. You may want to dip the light or turn them off completely. Pull the curtains to make it dark. If you sleep in your panamas then wear them. Get yourself ready for bed.

Tips for getting up early in the morning # 3 - Practice Sleep
Get a timer or can use your mobile phone and set it to 1 minute count down. When the timer goes down to zero seconds, it should make beeping sound just like your alarm clock does in the morning. Now lye down on your bed and start the timer. Just relax and pretend that your asleep.

Tips for getting up early in the morning # 4 - Practice waking up
Once the beeping starts. Turn off the timer. Get yourself out of bed. Do a quick stretch and move your arm a little. This will help pump blood to your muscles and wake up the body if were asleep. Walk to your bedroom door and open it. Head to the bathroom and wash your face. It’s as simple as that. Now go back to bed and again do it again and again.

Tips for getting up early in the morning # 5 - Keep practising
The more you practise this route the more your subconscious mind will help you do it when you have just woken up. You subconscious mind is just like any muscle in your body and it needs training to get stronger. You Will power alone won’t be able to wake you up, so you will need your subconscious mind to do the rest.  Practice this routine three to five times a day.

Tips for getting up early in the morning # 6 - Practice till perfect
practice these routines for a week.  Set your alarm clock to a set time for every morning. Make sure you sleep at the same time every night. Every morning make sure you Wake up. The first week is the hardest. Once you have got over the first week, it will starts to get easy when you body has grab a routine. Keep practice until you have completed a month and then complete a year. Once you have complete a few months you will notice that you can wake up before the alarm goes off in the morning.

I hope thise tips on waking up on time have been useful. Take a look at my other blogs on how to save water and how to save money.

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