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Monday, 18 April 2011

How to Stop Hair falling out

There are thousand of people out there looking for the cure to stop hair loss and regrow their hair. Let me tell you. There is no secret formula out there to stop hair loss. I have try many products myself and have spent endless amount of money purchasing them. But they all have failed me. The hair loss product market is worth more than 1 billion in the US. So everyone is make products claiming it to work and repining the sales. I don’t know how to grow back hair but if you are losing your hair I can help you slow down the hair loss rate. I have given you six tips that have worked to slow the hair loss rate for me and I hope it works for you.

Hair loss tips

Cut your hair short – You need to stop the movement and restrains on your hair. Cut your hair short. Don't bald your head. I have heard some people, who have balded themselves only to find that there hair doesn’t grow back. Cut it to a inch or to four inch. By keeping your hair short, your hair will have less movement. Less movement means less chance of your hair falling out

Stop Gelling - Stop using gel and hair products to hold your hair. When you use gel, the hairs are bounded together. It cant move. When its very windy the gel wont let your hair move out of position.

Don’t wash your hair – Hair is weak when it is wet. When you wash your hair with intensive shampoo you maybe pulling the hair out by moving them. This will increase the hair loss on your head.

Dry Scale – Head scalp gets very dry from blow drying everyday or even air in the atmosphere. Keep your scale moist by putting any olive, coconut or hair oil. Make sure you keep the oil on your hair for about two hours. This should be enough time for the roots to soak up the oil and it goodness.

Massage – The scale of your head is the most neglected part of all your body parts. Messages you head daily for five minutes to improve blood circulation. Lack of blood circulation will kill the root of the hair. It can also make hair on head go white.

Breathing exercise – Practice breathing exercise to calm the body and mind. If you losing hair because of stress, then by doing these breathing excises, it will help air travel to those neglected places.

Exercise – Exercise regularly to stop hair loss. When you exercise you reduce your stress level in your head and make sure that your whole body and mind get full air circulation.

I hope this hair loss tips will be helpful for you. Please give a comment on if they have worked for you or any other techniques you know of.

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