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Friday, 8 April 2011

How To Stop Bank Overdraft Charges And Bank Fees?


Stop Your Bank overdraft Charges

Now days, I am really frustrated with my bank. With there ridicules bank chargers for going over your over draft limit and there high interest rate on their loans and credit cards. Its so hard to keep your account in a plus. To be honest its not the banks fault. Its there business to make money off our mistake. The bank charge are £25 for going over your over draft limit and then addition daily charge till you put it right. Once I went over draw by £6 and I was charge a whopping £170. This is helpful tip to the stop your Bank overdraft charges?

Bank Overdraft Charges Guide

Bank Overdraft Charges Guide # 1 - Mobile banking
With the help of Apps on your phone you can now see you bank statement on your phone at any time of day. This is a very helpful tool to have before you go shopping or decide to purchase on your card. Another great tool that the banks offer you is Balance Text. It’s free to sign up and can be done at your local branch. What this service offers you is a text when you are on or near you’re over draft limit. It also offers a weekly text of you bank balance.

Bank Overdraft Charges Guide # 2 - Credit Cards
Restrain from using your card. The more you use it the more you will have to pay back. Everyone loves to spend and with the use of credit card it’s easy to forget that you paying by money. Whatever you purchase you will have to pay back at the end of the month. If you don’t pay it back you will have to pay the amount with bank fees. A friend of mine has fallen in the credit card trap. He took out £5000 on his credit card for his brother wedding. Every month he is paying a repayment of £109. The £100 is the interest the card is charging him and the £9 is the repayment. My mote is if you don’t have money in your account. Don’t spend.

Bank Overdraft Charges Guide # 3 - Online Banking
Online Banking is quick and easy to use. Enter in your details and you can clearly see where your money is being spent. It’s easy and free to register to online bank so contact you branch and get this set up. I recommend checking on your bank balance every week, just to make sure you haven’t gone near your bank balance.

Bank Overdraft Charges Guide # 4 - Money dairy
Keep a diary at home with all your income and out goings. Write down your present bank balance and minus every time you spend money. By doing this you have tighter grip on your money.

Bank Overdraft Charges Guide # 5 - Money spending limits
Place £50 - £100 as a limit to stop you from going over your over draft limit. If your over draft limit is -£1000 and you have placed a money spending limit of £100. This mean you can use all your money but must stop when you reach -£900. Every month increase you spending limit and soon you will have repaid you overdraft. Some banks charge you for staying on there over draft limit after a year.

Bank Overdraft Charges Guide # 6 - Direct debit
set up a direct debit for all your fixed monthly out goings. This could be your mortgages, car insurance and mobile phone bills. Make sure the direct debit is set up on the same day. I know so many people that didn’t set up a direct debit and failed to make the payment. The brokers charge them straight away £25. Life is already way too busy to remember thing like that.  Set up a direct debit for you fixed monthly going to start two days after you get paid.

Bank Overdraft Charges Guide # 8 - Reserve Buddy ask someone close to you to be your reserve buddy. This person will bail you out if you go over drawn. This will stop the bank from profiting from your mistakes ever day. You can either give him the money in advance or ask him to keep set amount of money aside for you.


I hope this article has been helpful and will help stop all those bank overdraft charges and

bank fees. The best way to tackle the problem is one at a time and see how it goes.

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