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Friday, 8 April 2011

How to reduce your petrol price?

Petrol prices have rocket since 2006. Its getting harder and harder to drive around these day. Once the petrol price was £0.82 to a litre and now it £1.31. A car is a vital part of your journey for most people they can’t live without. Here are nine tips on how to reduce your petrol price bill?
1.       Shop around – get the best price on your petrol. Find out what three or four local petrol stations are charging. Compare the price to one another. Whichever offers you the cheaper rate stick to that one.

2.       Downside – cars with a larger engine consumers more petrol. Trade you car for one with a small engine. You’d be surprised how much you can save with small car.

3.       Clear the Clutter – Reduce the weight in your car. The more weight the car holds the more petrol it will use to run the car. Take out all the rubbish out of your car. You may not think a 500ml bottle of water will make any difference but it does. Have few water bottles and the weight starts to mount. Take off roof racks and anything in the boot that isn’t need.

4.       Petrol Pump – unless you’re going on a long journey its best to only put in £5 -£10 of petrol. The more you put in the more the car the more it will weigh.  If you are going on a long journey then always fill up at your local petrol station. Motorway petrol stations charge a lot more. It could be as much as ten pence a litre extra. When you fill up at the petrol station . Lift the hose above the nuzzle of the pump. When you stop pumping whatever is left in the hose will also fall into you tank. Shake the nuzzle of the pump and catch those last drops. Every drop counts.

5.       Turn off your engine – if you’re stuck in traffic or a red light that will take more than thirty second change. Turn off your engine. This will automatically reduce the amount of petrol you use.

6.       Inflated tires – tire that are uneven also use up more petrol. The car has to turn the wheels a lot more time to get you to the same destination. Some petrol station offer a free air pump service or it will cost you twenty pence.

7.       Air conditioning – restrain from opening you car windows when your travel thirty miles per hour or above. The wind entering you car will increase the resistance of your car. This again use up more petrol. Use the air conditioning it more cost effective.

8.       Sharing is caring – if you normally use your car to commute to work and back. Find someone in the local area or near you that goes there. Take it in turns to pick up and drop off to work. You can easily save on two weeks petrol bill.

9.       Walk – restrain yourself from driving to short distances. It may seem long and hard but remember once you didn’t have a car. Those long and hard journeys you have walked. The exercise will be good for you and your pocket.
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