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Sunday, 10 April 2011

How to read more than 100 books?

People all over the world read books. With a wide genre to choose from it not surprising to library shelves empty with the top titles. Why are people reading and what are the benefits? One benefit of reading is that it trains your brain muscle. If you don’t read then your mind starts to wonder. By reading you are training you reading muscles. You are improving your general knowledge and also your vocabulary. It also helps to improve your concretion level, when you read for more than an hour. A hundred books is a mountain of knowledge. This is how to do it.
Habit - Make it a habit to read. It doesn’t have to be a book it can be a magazine or newspaper. Keep your mind creative with and new innovative thoughts.
Library – lead out a book from your local library. Make sure its something you like to read. The library offers you a great selection of books from horror, Sci-fi and etc.  Find a book that interest you and you want to read.
Everyday Reading – Make it habit to read 25 pages a day. If that number is too big for you. Then start with a page a day and build up to it by increasing a page every week. You may want to do this just before going to sleep or when you are sitting at the bus stop or sitting on train. Make a Habit of it. After a while you will be reading, when ever can.

Bus time – Throughout my education, I have spent many of my hours wasted on bus. I used to catch a bus to college, my part-time job and then back home. After a while I realised, I could make better use of my time if I read a book. My college journey was 45 minutes from my house. My work place was 15 minute from my college. I worked out that, all that time I would spend on the bus can be used more productively if read a book. I could do 520 hours of reading on the bus each year. Over 6 years of education that total mounted up to 3,120 hours (520 hours x 6).
This is how it will look:
Home to college – 45 minute
College to part-time job -15 minute
Part-time job back to Home – 60 minutes.
Total number of hours spent a day = 2 hours
Over a week (5 college day x 2 hours) 10 hours of reading a week

Over a year (10 hours x 52 week) = 520 hours of reading.
If you do decide to read on the bus or train, just make sure you keep looking up from time to time so you don’t miss your stop.

Reading log book – Keep a log book of all the books you have read. You can challenge yourself by looking at the number of books you have read last year and then trying to beat it in this year. If you don’t keep a record then you won’t know many books you have read.

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