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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Top Techniques For Time Management


Techniques for Time management

The most important tool to use in order to complete task is Time Management. By using time management properly all your urgent and important task will be complete. Good time management also reduces the amount of stress in the work place or in your studies.  So here are the steps to good time management.

6 Techniques for time Management

Techniques For Time Management # 1

To Do List – keeping a To Do List. With a to do list,  you can see your all task at hand. I know some people memorise their task and then do them from memory in order. But how can you remember all of those tasks when you’re working. Are you using your full brain capacity on the task or on remember the 10 to 12 things you need to do. What If you forget an important task? Just by keeping a simple To Do list on a piece of paper can help you track you task and make sure they are complete.

Techniques For Time Management # 2

Accomplishment log book Keep a log book with all your accomplishments. This will always boost your confidence and make you proud of your achievement. You can also us this to double check to make you have completed important tasks and by when.

Accomplishment Log Book
Date completed
Business management courswork
5th April
Revise for Accounts exam
20th May

Techniques For Time Management # 3

Complete Urgent Task First – make sure you complete the most urgent and important task first. If a task is urgent and important then do it. If a task is urgent on my To Do List, I tend to work on it until the end. No matter how long it takes. I remember once I was given a report by my manager at work. He told me to complete it as soon as possible. It was urgent. I spent two days working on it. When I finished, I was happy and knew that the most important task had been done. All my other tasks could wait since they weren’t urgent or important.

Techniques For Time Management # 4

Timer – Keep a timer and time yourself to when doing your tasks. This will help you to concentrate more and give more value to each minute of your time. I normally give myself thirty minutes to complete each task. I work hard during this thirty minute. If I haven’t completed task in thirty minute, I give myself another thirty minute. Within a couple of hours, I fully completed the important task.

Techniques For Time Management # 5

Time Split – if you find difficulty in starting a task then split your time up. Let’s say, you have three urgent tasks to do and you spit the task up by allowing half an hour to complete each one. Once you have complete thirty minute for one, then move onto the next task. You may not have completed the task. But that ok, you can always go back to it later after an hour. By constantly changing from task to task will make sure you cover as much work on each task as possible. It will also stop your mind from going board. When I was at university they always gave you assignments with close deadline dates. I would have trouble starting any assignment. I would give me myself about an hour on each. This way at the end of the day, I can walk away knowing that I have least started my three assignments. Every day I would add to it and by the end of the week I have dedicated seven hours to each assignment.

Techniques For Time Management # 6

Reward – Always reward yourself for the work you have done. This can be anything from going to the cinemas, watching something you like or even shopping. By rewarding yourself, you will want to work harder and complete more tasks.
I hope these techniques for time management have been help to you. Please check out my other blogs on how to get good at life.

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  1. The importance of managing time to your career cannot be trivialized. Know the importance, take steps to perfect this skill to increase your chances of career success.