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Friday, 8 April 2011

How To Improve Your Presentation Skills

 Conducting a power point presentation in front of a large group is terrifying thing to do.  When presenting information in front of people our brain shuts down. We release adrenaline and cortisol into your system which is equivalent to drinking seven cups of coffee. We panic and break into a sweat. We seem to not able to talk properly.  

The key to delivering a good power point presentation is being relaxed. Good rehearsal of presentation helps to reduce nerves by 75% and errors by 95%.

Power point presentation Guide

1.       Research – Make sure you do plenty of research on the topic you are about to give a presentation on. People are like to ask you questions at the end of the presentation.  Things to consider when are doing your research. Who are your target audience? What is message are trying to deliver? How will this information benefit the audience? Write up all main facts on a piece of paper or key cards. Use highlighters and different coloured pen to make each point stand you. You are allowed use cards at the presentation.

2.       Presentation – Use Power Point slide to make the presentation more exciting and presentable. Slides and visual aid will help to take the heat off because everyone will be looking at them. Use pie charts, bar chart to explain you finding. Every time you change your slide it will give you couple seconds to relax. Make the presentation clear. At the begin, make sure you have a summery explaining what you are about to tell then. At the end of the presentation make sure you have conclusion to inform them of what you have told them.  

3.       Rehearsal – Practice in front of a group of friends or just practice in front of mirror. The first few times you rehearse the power point presentation you will be nervous, it may feel silly and you might make mistakes. But that’s what we want. Make all the mistakes now and correct them. This way the presentation will be well structure without any surprises.

4.       Jokes – don’t make a joke in the presentation unless you 100% sure that it will work. Personally I wouldn't do it. If people don’t understand the joke then it will make you more nervous.

5.       Eye contact – When delivering the presentation make sure to make eye contact with your audience. I quick glace is all it takes. This will show them that you are confident. Make sure you stand up straight and speak clearly. The first seven seconds are the most important part of any presentation. If you can hold your nervous till then you won’t be nervous till the end. Make sure you speak slowly. When we are nervous will tend to speak fast.

6.       Any Questions? – Ask them, do they have any question for you. This will give your audience a chance to get more information from you regarding the topic.
7.       Handout – make power point handouts and give them at the end of the presentation. If you give them at the begin, your audience will start to read them and not pay attention to you. Make sure to thank them for their time.

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