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Saturday, 16 April 2011

How to get a Job

It’s getting harder and harder to find a job as the months goes by. On the news, all you hear about is jobs cuts here and job cuts there. With thousands of people unemployed already and many people wondering if they will make it to the end of the month without hearing the word redundancies, it’s getting difficult to get a job. Here are my tips on how to get a job. It has helped me during those difficult times of my life when I was unemployed and I hope it will help you.

How to get a job Guide

1.      Applying Target – set yourself a target on how many jobs you will be applying to everyday. Before the recession it was much easier to get a job. There were more jobs out there and less people applying. Now there are only a few thousand jobs out there with tens of thousands of people applying. Each post is swamped with thousand of cv and cover letters. When I was looking for a job, I kept my job applying target to 10 per day. By constantly applying you are keeping your chance of getting a job alive. Don’t let yourself be beaten down by refusal. Keep trying.  

There many websites you can apply for a job. Here are just a few.

2.      CV – make sure you have updated your cv and cover letter. Read clearly what the recruiter is looking for when applying for a particular job. Change your cv according the post you about applying to. It’s no point tell the recruiter you have excellent face-to-customer service skills when they are recruiting for a call centre. Instead, tell of time when you had to ring up customers about offers or refund. How good your telephone manner skills are and how good your negotiation skills are. Make sure you put in key words that your employers might be looking for us as telephone skills, Kpi (key performance indicators), Customer service and etc.

3.      Recruitment Agency – Join a Recruitment Agency to improve the chance of getting a job. Recruitment agencies have direct contact with companies that have advertised the post. If they recommend you then you have better chance of succeeding.

Here are list of just a few job recruitment agencies

Its better to visit the recruitment agency then to just send them a cv. Cv are just paper and recruitment agency just skim through them. By visiting the recruitment agency it will give you a chance to sell yourself and inform them of your skills and talent.

4.       Temporary Agency – There are few agency that offer you day jobs for time to time. When times are hard, it better to be earning something better than nothing. Also you can mention it in you cv that you work for that particular recruitment agency then to leave it bank.

5.      Job centre – The job centre will also try to help you find a job if you are claiming Job seeker Allow. Speak to you job centre about free additional training, temporary job contact and help in writing your cv. The job centre will also provide with travel expenses if the interview location is 45 minutes by car or train. The job centre wants you to find work and will offer to help anyway they can.

6.      Job fair – look out for job fairs. They are great to get yourself seen. All you have to do is attend and all the companies that are looking for staff are waiting inside. Make sure you print a lot of cv and hand them out to companies you may want to work for. Sign up to as many companies as possible.

7.      Social group – speak to you family and friends about jobs in their work place. By putting a call for help on my facebook page, I got in touch with a recruit that was a friend of mines. She never told me she was recruitment constant before but help me to an interview in a few companies.

I hope these tips on how to get a job has been useful. Have a look at my other blogs on how to write a good cv and how to prepare for an interview.


  1. you are right... you can also find jobs opening details online.

  2. great .. thank you for this advice

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