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Friday, 8 April 2011

tips on waking up on time


How to get up in the morning for school or work

Have you always wanted to been an early riser but have failed at every hurdle? Have you thought of all the hours you have wasted because you have not been able to wake up on time? Waking on time is a problem face by thousands of people all over the world. One of the best ways of tackling this problem is by understand what it takes to fall asleep and how to train yourself to wake up.

Tips for getting up early in the morning

Tips on waking up on time #1 - Sleeping Pattern

The number of hour you need to sleep varies from day to day. You many need more sleep if you have a busy day running around and try to complete chores compare to a relaxed day. You body and mind recovers and recharges when you are sleep. The more you do a day the more time it will need to recharge. If you over sleep one day you will need less sleep the following day.

Tips on waking up on time #2 - Going to Sleep

Only go to sleep when you tired. You body is an amazing clock and it will tell you when it time to go to sleep. If it takes you more than 10 minutes to fall asleep then you’re not tired enough. Why waste that precious time lying in bed with your eyes closed. Read a book, watch TV, surf the net or do things you like.

Tips on waking up on time #3 - Waking up

Make sure you wake up at the say time every day. If you want to wake up at 7am then make sure you do. You can train yourself to wake up (Look at my other blog for information on how to do that), buy a good alarm clock, ask a friend or family member who wakes up at the same time to give you a call. When you wake up. Stretch arm and legs this will let blood flow to you muscles and wake up the body. Counting to twenty in your mind helps wake the mind. Once you’re up. Refuse to go back to sleep. The more you want to go back to sleep. The greater the chance of you lying back down and falling asleep.

Tips on waking up on time #4 - Practice till Perfect

Keep practice this every day. The more you do it the easier you will find to wake up on time. The first week is the most hardest because your body and mind is rebellious and doesn’t want to give in. Keep working at it. The second week will be a lot easier and you may feel like nothing can stop you now. But continue to work on it. If you fail to wake up one day. Don’t beat yourself about it. Just start again the following morning.

Tips on waking up on time #5 - Reward 

Reward yourself for waking up on time. Rewarding yourself with keep you happy and make you more eager to improve.
I hope these tips for getting up early in the morning have been helpful to you. Checkout my other blogs on how to save money and how to save water

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