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Sunday, 24 April 2011

How to do a CV

How 2 do CV that makes an impact

CV are a great way to show recruits who you are and what skills you have. A lot people think they know how 2 do a CV but they make the dangerous mistake again and again. The right CV will get you the interviews. The wrong CV will leave you frustrated and waiting. This how to do CV guide will show you, what you need to do in orders to make a great CV.

What should a CV Contain



How to do CV # 1 – Layout
Make sure the layout of the CV is neat and presentable. Make sure to use different font for heading and key bullet points. Use correct spaying to make the CV easy to read and easy for the recruiter to scan. Check online for sample CV and see they layout and compare it to yours. Make sure you don’t go over two pages.

How to do CV # 2 – Keywords
Make sure to use keywords that recruiters are looking for. For instance, if your applying for a sales assistant post, then make sure to use key words such as sale targets, customer service, selling skills, telephone skills and etc.

How to do CV # 3 - Tailor
for some jobs (if its a different market) you may need to tailor your CV to match they criteria. It would be no use you telling them you are good with face-to-face customer service skill, if the job is for a call centre. Write about skills that will benefit them. This may seem like a huge task but to get the job, it needs to be done.

How to do CV # 4 – Achievement
One the most forget part of a CV. Make sure to mention your biggest achievement in each job. This should be different from your duties. Impress them with impressive facts on profit and performance.

How to do CV # 5 – Reference
Make sure to include two people you can get reference from. Keep in mind that recruiters will call them up so make sure its people that like you.

How to do CV # 6 – Additional skills
Tell recruiters about others skill you may have. Can you drive? Are you captain of a football team? Do you have NQV certificate in customer service? Simple things like that can improve you CV in the recruiters eyes.

How to do CV # 7 – Job centre
The job centre offer a free CV writing service for people who may be on Job Seeker Allowance. Show them your CV and they will tell you how to improve it. Its a free service so take advantage it.

How to do CV # 8 – Purchase a CV
If all else fails then you can purchase a CV. Professional CV writers charge between £20 - £50. This may seem a lot of money but compare to getting a job that will pay you more than £800 a months. Its a small price to pay.

How to do CV – Summery

I hope this article about how to do a CV has been helpful. Please take a look at my other blogs on how to find a job and samples of CV.

Making a CV Template 1



Making a CV Template 2


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